About RWC

Storytelling for people that never settle

Rabbitwolf Creative is a content studio specializing in photo and video production for outdoor brands.

The search for why

What we believe in:
We’re interested in the “Why?”
Communication is paramount
The relationship comes first
Knowledge of the outdoor space
We love being outdoors

Who we are

Stephen Kersh
Creative Director, Partner
Living in Flagstaff, Arizona for the better part of a decade has left an indelible mark on Stephen’s lung capacity and a lens through which he views the world. With endurance pursuits as his North Star and a world-class running town as the background, Stephen helped create Rabbitwolf Creative to function as the mouthpiece through which those stories are told.
Ryan Sterner
Creative Director, Partner
Ryan lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife. The crawl space of their very small home has recently been taken over by stray cats, clawing at the floorboards like the telltale heart. When he's not fretting over how to get those things out from under there, he can be found hanging out the side of Stephen's Subaru with a camera in his hand and a dream in his heart.
Tim Jeffreys
Business Lead, Partner
Originally from North Carolina, Tim has spent the last decade in New York City, with a few years in between in the unofficial running capital of the USA, Flagstaff. Tim brings over a decade of experience in the running industry to Rabbitwolf, including directing The 41st Day, a full-length documentary about Ryan Hall. Before joining RWC, Tim led the marketing department at Fohr, an influencer marketing company based in NYC. He loves a negroni and appropriately tailored suiting.

Who we've worked with

RabbitWolf Creative, the early years

We were found in 2017. Two people and a dream